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We pride ourselves on making sure our range is a safe and fun place to shoot. This page contains the information that every shooter needs to know before using the range at Madison Armory. At the bottom of the page are PDFs of the Range Rules and Liability release that every shooter will to read and sign before they can use the range. Feel free to print and bring these forms in or come snag copies at the range.


I.  Basic Firearms Safety Rules

1. All firearms are to be treated as if they are always loaded.

2. ALWAYS control your muzzle direction – NEVER sweep your muzzle across anyone or anything other than your intended target.

3. ALWAYS be sure of your target, what’s behind it, and its backstop.

4. Keep your finger off the trigger and out of the trigger guard until you are ready to fire.

5. Any firearm not carried concealed, must be unloaded and transported in a case or bag to and from the Mad Arms Range.

6.  Firearms carried “concealed” must remain concealed and not be drawn while loaded on the Range unless permission has been granted by Mad Arms Range or a Range Officer.

II.  Mad Arms Range Safety Rules 

1. Alcoholic beverages and drugs are strictly prohibited on these premises, including the use of these substances prior to shooting, and being under the influence of either at the time of utilizing the Mad Arms Range. 

2. Patrons who have never shot a gun will not be permitted on the Mad Arms Range without first attending a beginner training class with one of the staff instructors at the patron’s expense – or is accompanied by an experienced shooter that accepts full responsibility and liability.

3. No armor piercing, tracer, or other exotic ammunition may be used.  This includes no tracer, incendiary, steel cored or penetrating ammo.  In addition, Tannerite, explosive, reactive or steel targets are prohibited. All targets not purchased from Mad Arms Range are subject to approval before use.   If in doubt, consult the Mad Arms Range, or Range Officer.    

4. You may use holsters on an open shooting lane so long as they are previously examined and approved by Mad Arms Range.

5. Age and guardian requirements for use of Mad Arms Range:

            a. Rifle & Shotgun – persons under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a guardian 21 years of age   or older.

            b. Handgun – persons under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a guardian 21 years of age or older.

6. No food or drinks are allowed on any firing line.  Only bottled non-alcoholic drinks may be allowed on range staging and observation areas, but not on the firing line.  No glass bottles are allowed on the premises of the Mad Arms Range.

7. No Smoking or any other tobacco products are allowed on the range, retail, or room areas.  Smoking is only permitted in designated outside areas.  Chewing tobacco, dip, snuff, vaping, and like products are prohibited on the Mad Arms Range premises.

8. Ear and eye protection are mandatory for anyone entering any range area (i.e., firing line, staging, and range observation areas).

9. Never move forward of the firing line without a “Cease Fire” called by the Mad Arms Range, Range Officer – or designate. 

10. Leave the action open and firearm totally unloaded when any firearm is resting on the bench: 

            a. Bolts locked back/open;

            b. Magazines out if they can be removed;

            c. Magazines empty if not removable; and,

            d. Cylinders out/loading gates open on revolvers.

11. If you experience any unfamiliar action or a malfunction, STOP FIRING IMMEDIATELY, place the firearm on the bench with muzzle pointing downrange, and request assistance from a Mad Arms Range, Range Officer.

12. The command “CEASE FIRE” means STOP FIRING IMMEDIATELY, clear and bench your firearm with muzzle pointing downrange, step away from the firing line and await further instructions.  Resume firing only at the direction of the Mad Arms Range, Range Officer.

13. Pregnant women are not allowed on the range.

14. Wear appropriate clothing, closed toe shoes (required) and pants are recommended, no low-cut tops for men or women.  No high-heeled shoes are allowed on the Range.

15. Any inexperienced or under-aged shooter as determined by Mad Arms Range, must be accompanied by an approved instructor or other Responsible Party who accepts full responsibility for such shooter.  



This video must be viewed at least annually by every shooter.

RULES & limited liability agreement DOCUMENT DOWNLOADS

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