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Staccato 2011 Staccato P DPO X-Series G2 Tac Texture DLC Threaded Barrel 9mm 17rd


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Staccato P – Chosen By The Best

Built for professionals and embraced by home defenders, the Staccato P is approved for duty by over 1,500 law enforcement agencies across the country (e.g. Houston Police Department, Las Vegas Metro Police Department, Texas Rangers) and carried by thousands of officers across the country. The Staccato P is chosen for its proven durability, reliability, accuracy, and performance. Protect yourself and your family with the gun trusted by America’s heroes. Align yourself with those who devote their lives to protecting our communities. When it comes to endurance and reliability, the choice is easy with the Staccato P.


  • X-Series Serrations: More grip for easier slide manipulation and less reciprocating mass.
  • Tool-less Guide Rod: Field strip anytime, anywhere without tools, pins or clips for easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Steel Frame: For maximum durability and high round count the steel frame is ready to meet your needs.
  • Government Length Recoil System: Cycles like a 5” gun. Faster, softer, less muzzle rise, stays on target and back into battery faster.
  • Tac Texture Grip: Slimmer module for improved control, touch, and handling, even when wet.

Technical Specifications

Caliber: 9×19 mm, 17+1 or 20+1 Capacity

Trigger: 4-4.5 lb, Crisp & clean single action pull

Barrel: 5” Threaded Bull Barrel, DLC Coated

Slide: X-Series Serrations

Weight:  33 ounce Steel Frame

Frame: Steel, A2 Steel Billet Precision Machined

Recoil System: 4.4″ Tool Less Dawson Precision® Recoil System

Dimensions: 8.1” x 1.5” x 5.9”, Width at grip is 1.3”

Magazines: Includes two 17rd magazines


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