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Staccato 2011 Staccato CS DPO Compact Grip Curved Trigger Stainless Barrel 9mm 16rd


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Delivering pure Staccato shootability, speed, and accuracy, the Staccato CS helps you shoot better wherever your path takes you. The Staccato CS is the smallest, lightest, and most concealable addition to the Staccato pistol family, and debuts a new grip designed for a range of hand sizes. Loaded with significant patent-pending technology, the Staccato CS embodies American ingenuity in a practical, small package that has to be experienced to believe.

  • All New Patent Pending Dawson Precision® 3.5″ Tool less Recoil System.
  • 2 newly designed 16 round magazines included in each order.
  • Compatible weapon lights include the Streamlight TLR-7 Sub and the SureFire XSC-B.
  • Wide Frame: Runs flush with slide and adds durability, as well as a small amount of non-reciprocating weight to decrease felt recoil and muzzle rise for a flatter shot.
  • FlaTec Two-Piece Design: Polymer grip and metal frame assembly drastically reduces muzzle rise, felt recoil and improves shootability.
  • Fluted Barrel: Reduced weight and improved per-shot accuracy by rapidly dissipating heat buildup.
  • Slim, Short, and Compact: Confident control with the right grip fit for a range of hand sizes.
  • Dedicated 9mm Magazine: Slimmer, 9mm specific, precision-built magazine enhances functionality for reliable results.

Technical Specifications

Caliber: 9×19 mm, 16+1 Capacity

Trigger: Curved 4-4.5 lb Crisp & clean single action pull

Barrel: 3.5″ Bull Barrel, Stainless Steel

Weight: 23 oz, without optic & no magazine

Frame: 7075 Aluminum – Billet Precision Machined

Recoil System: 3.5″ Tool less ALL NEW Fully Captured Dawson Precision® Recoil System

Dimensions: 7.1” x 1.45” x 5.6”, width at grip is 1.2”

Magazines: Includes two 16 Round Magazines


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