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Madison Armory Range

Built in 2022, the Madison Armory Ranges are among the most modern indoor ranges in the Rocky Mountains and Pacific Northwest supporting a wide range of lighting and target options. Handguns, rifles, suppressors, and machine guns are available for rent. Madison Armory Range is open to the public – no membership required, although membership has many advantages including the ability to reserve lanes. The range facility is environmentally controlled with heating and cooling. Safety is the highest priority for Madison Armory. A trained Range Safety Officer (RSO) will be present at all times within the range bays when anyone is shooting.

25 Yard Tactical RANGE

The 25 yard tactical range supports firing anywhere at or beyond the firing line, thus enabling movement by the shooter down range during supervised training and competition use. Targets can be placed at any distance. Target Programs are supported. The range supports up to 50 Cal cartridges (non-armor piercing).

Photo of 25 yard range from behind the firing line
25 Yard Tactical Range Firing Line
Photo of 25 yard range beyond the firing line showing the berm
25 Yard Tactical Range

50 Yard range

The 50 yard range supports targets at any distance with the shooter at the firing line. The range supports up to 50 cal non-armor piercing ammo. Our 50 yard range is the largest indoor range in Eastern Idaho.

Photo of the 50 yard firing line
50 Yard Range Firing line
Photo of the 50 yard range showing various target distances
50 Yard Range beyond the Firing Line

range pro shop

Photo of all the Rifles and Handguns available for rent. Targets also shown.
Range Pro Shop – Rental Guns & Targets
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