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Basic Pistol

Duration: 4 Hours

This course will enable shooters to have a basic understanding of firearm safety, firearm handling, and fundamentals of marksmanship. Increase confidence in manipulating and shooting a firearm. Be able to demonstrate the proper takedown and cleaning procedures of personal firearm.

  1. Understand the importance of responsible firearm storage and firearm safety rules.
  2. Build confidence in the safe use and manipulation of firearms. 
  3. Understand various firearm parts, function and cycle of operations.
  4. Demonstrate safe loading and unloading procedures.
  5. Understand and demonstrate pistol marksmanship fundamentals. 
  6. Manage recoil and engage targets with confidence at manageable and realistic ranges.
  7. Understand personal limitations of speed versus accuracy based on range and target size.
  8. Understand disassembly, cleaning, and maintenance of individual firearms.

Intermediate Pistol

Duration: 4 Hours

Students will be able to effectively employ a pistol from the holster by engaging multiple targets at ranges between 3 and 25 yards within the designated time with 80% accuracy. Gain the confidence and ability to engage targets from cover, concealment, and while on the move. Participants will execute proper reloads in a timely manner and efficiently clear malfunctions as they arise.

  1. Achieve proper stance, draw steps, grip and presentation.
  2. Understand the importance of situational awareness and training scars.
  3. Accurately engage targets with a pistol by properly executing pistol shooting fundamentals.
  4. Conduct efficient and timely reloads.
  5. Gain the ability to identify cover vs. concealment as it pertains to engaging multiple targets and situations.
  6. Manage recoil and engage targets with multiple rapidly fired and effectively placed shots. 
  7. Understand personal limitations of speed versus accuracy based on range and target size.
  8. Effectively clear malfunctions.

ENHANCED COncealed carry / NRA Basic Personal Protection in the Home

Duration: 8 Hours

Participants will acquire the basic knowledge and skill set to be able to safely and effectively deploy a handgun in the protection of self and loved-ones. This course fulfills the state requirements for the Enhanced Concealed Weapons License. As such, it includes both range and class time as well as discussion of the legalities surrounding the utilization of a weapon for self-defense. Legal portions of the class will be taught by a Law Enforcement Officer holding all necessary qualifications.

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50 Yard Range from behind the firing line
50 Yard Range Firing line
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